About Us

We originally started as Nudwear in 2018 and have always specialized in delivering innovative and premium bra alternatives, including braless, backless and strapless solutions. As a customer first and customer orientated business we listen to our customers and take every feedback and criticism to heart.  After hearing from thousands of customers, we heard the same complaints over and over again: nothing in the market, including our adhesive bras, provided the desired lift or support for larger bust sizes. 

We knew that we had to solve this problem and went back to the drawing board. After three years of research, development and design, countless setbacks and then Covid… we have finally launched the new face of Nudwear under NOOD and debuted the Game Changer Lift & Shape Bra. It is the first adhesive bra of its kind that is sustainable, breathable, sweat-proof, and most importantly, provides lift and support for breasts of ALL sizes. 

Our mission is to continue innovating and developing solutions that help real women thrive and master their daily lives.